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London to Birmingham canal walk.

Last year I discovered that I had a brother who was born in Birmingham in 1946, I was born in London in 1960 in a hospital that overlooked the Grand Union canal, never knowing that at the other end of the canal was my brother.

I have had three heart attacks and open heart surgery and it is thanks to the pioneering research by the British Heart Foundation that I am here, so to tie all of this together Ruby and I thought we would walk from my birthplace in London, to my brothers birthplace in Birmingham to raise funds for the BHF.

We will set off on 21st June 2021 and our route will take us 141 miles along the historic canal. Travelodge have very kindly sponsored us with accommodation along the way.

We will keep a daily blog here and on Instagram #grandunioncanalwalk and donations can be made here:

We will be publishing a photobook of the journey and any sales will also benefit the BHF.

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