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Artists Statement


Born in London in 1960 and now living on the Isle of Wight with my wife and soul mate Ruby, I recently graduated from Solent University with a first class honours degree in photography and was awarded the 'Christian Drane Memorial Prize. I am now making new work and continuing  my research.

I have become increasingly concerned with the theme of people and place and this has led to my current projects which look at issues of deforestation and the proposed 'Urban Forest'. I am researching woodland and well-being, as well as the micohorzzal networks that trees seem to be able to create. My interest in people and place is leading me to regard how we affect the natural environment and how that environment in turn shapes us. The interactions within a forest and its inhabitants, bacteria, plant, insect, mammal, avian is a constant source of wonder and inspiration.

I am working on a project that explores multi culturalism in Southampton, which has been a feature of Southampton life for nearly a thousand years Natural features dictated the position of the ports, the New Forest which extended that far gave resources that allowed the city to grow and expand, I hope to explore the interactions with nature and each other.


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Email:                               Phone:  +44 789 852 5491

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