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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to anyone that had stumbled upon this page! 2020 looks very promising, I am going to study photography at BA (Hons) level, the only decision is where. I received an unconditional offer from Solent University and I am waiting to hear from Arts University Bournemouth.

First two marks received at college this year were both distinctions, so I am a little pleased!

The next three units are going to be interesting, the first is to produce a narrative piece on black and white film using a minimum of five photographs, this has to be on film, so I will be using my Asahi Pentax for this, and I have some unique display ideas for this. The second is about location photography, one an indoor location and the other an outdoor. This unit has to include the use of lights, especially in the out door location. I intend to produce a series on morning noon and night at Wooton Bridge, some nice reflections over the lake and I can use some interesting lighting effects, I am going to use some coloured gels on my speedlite...The third unit is about darkroom practice, having gotten used to scanning negatives and working on them digitally, it will be a change to start using an enlarger and photographic paper again.

I will be adding some space here to showcase my college work and hopefully in the not too distant future wil migrate to my own domain.

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