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Exhibition, 2nd Semester and More....

I should get better at writing these, but it has been a hectic few months. Last year I formed a new band with some old friends, more of that at a later date, visited my long lost brother, completed the first semester of my second year at Solent University, then Christmas and New Year and now my second semester. In between I have my first exhibition, called Rational Towers and inspired by a poem about Pylons by Stanley Snaith. It is my look at pylons across the Isle of Wight. The exhibition is at Ryde Library and runs throughout February 2022. The images will be posted here.

In addition to studying I also have been doing some commercial work involving scanning a photograph, changing the scale and orientation and producing prints in black and white. I have some photo restoration work coming up and photographing some paintings to make prints of, the lighting will be key to that project. Back to studying for the second semester....

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